Birth Support

Reflexology is a well proven therapy for use in the labour and delivery room to reduce labour times; especially in the 1st and 2nd stages, reduce pain and interventions, and support quicker healing and recovery times.

Reflexology for Birth Support allows for maximum relaxation during this very exciting time of your pregnancy, encouraging rest and recovery between contractions all the while encouraging the natural process of your body to ripen the cervix, open the hips and guide babe down the birth canal.

Reflexology and Acupressure can be used during 1st Stage of Labour as much and often as the birther wishes without the risk of negative side effect of many of the analgesics. It can also be used to support the effects of analgesics, and in cases where the birther is bed bound, can help the body to continue it’s very important function of “opening” through application of specific birth support protocols.

When Reflexology is not appropriate or the birther wishes a different type of support or encouragement, please be reassured that I am also a fully and professionally MACFE trained Doula and can function as a stand alone Birth Support Reflexology Therapist and Doula for your birth or I can also work as a support Doula in a situation where you have a preferred Doula but would also like some Reflexology Support for yourself and babe.

In situations of emergency or planned Cesarean Birth, a Birth Support Reflexology Therapist and Doula can immediately begin supporting your healing journey through application of specific post natal protocols which support the healing of different birth complications and situations while helping you to care for the new babe during this physically challenging time.

Infant Reflexology is also available if the birther wishes, to help support the nervous system of the new babe, support better feeding, and encourage better digestive health and sleeping.

A typical Birth Support Reflexology Therapist and/or Doula role would differ based on your personal needs. Please contact me to discuss what your needs might be and ask any questions you might have about this exciting and new (old) option of Birth Support.

Birth Support and PostPartum Protocols include but are not limited to:
37+ Weeks:
Labour Priming
Pain and Stress Management in Birth
Retained Placenta
After Vaginal Delivery
After Induction of Labour
After Forceps Delivery or Vacuum Extraction
After Multiple Births
After Precipitate Delivery
After Prolonged Labour
After Lower Segment Cesarean Section
Baby Blues
Post Partum Depression
Breast Engorgement
Lactation, Under Supply, Slow Let Down Reflex and Failure to Lactate
Lactation, Over Supply and Rapid Let Down Reflex
Suppression of Lactation
Nipple Tenderness/Trauma
Aching Joints and Muscles
Diastasis Recti Abdominis
Involution of the Uterus
After Pains
Subinvolution of the Uterus
Offensive Lochia
Perineal Pain
Alimentary System
Normal Bowel Movements
Stress Incontinence
After General Anesthetic
After Epidural
Tension Headaches
PTSD, Unexpected Outcome or Emotionally Traumatic Delivery
Postnatal Care for Baby
Gastro_Esophagael Reflux
Unsettled/Crying and with Pain causing Headaches
Crying, Emotional Distress, Angry Babies
Irritable & Highly Strung Babies
Poor Feeder, Sleepy Baby